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RI Healthcare Reform Commission

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Gov. Chafee signs the executive order
On January 13, 2011, Governor Lincoln Chafee signed into executive order the Rhode Island Healthcare Reform Commission, with over 100 professionals from the healthcare community in attendance at the Rhode Island Foundation. “We want Rhode Island to be a national leader in terms of implementing federal healthcare reform, with the overall goal of accessible and affordable healthcare for all Rhode Islanders. This commission, led by Lieutenant Governor Roberts, who has decades of valuable experience with healthcare-related issues, will be a key step toward achieving these goals,” Governor Chafee said.

Along with the lieutenant governor, the executive committee is comprised of the health insurance commissioner, the director of administration, the secretary of the executive office of health and human services, and the Governor’s policy director.

“I want to thank Governor Chafee for taking the proactive step of establishing this commission. This is an important day for all Rhode Islanders, and I am ready to lead this initiative and look forward to the important and challenging work ahead for all of us,” said Lt. Governor Roberts.

Many of the health experts and stakeholders from the Healthy RI National Health Reform Implementation Task Force are participating in the new commission. The commission will develop and implement action steps, timelines, and assignments of lead responsibilities for all healthcare reform efforts; maximize stakeholder and public engagement; assure open dialogue with the General Assembly; identify and remove barriers to and develop incentives for critical healthcare; and identify workforce capacity and training needs in the private and public sector.

“The Healthcare Reform Commission will expand the efforts of the task force to ensure a more accessible and affordable healthcare system. Our goal is to maximize the benefits in the law for all Rhode Islanders, while identifying and addressing any challenges,” said Roberts.

Caption: Gov. Chafee signs the executive order, flanked by Owen Heleen, VP for Grants Programs at the RI Foundation and Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts.

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RI Healthcare Reform Executive Committee

Meetings and Minutes

Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts, Chair
Richard Licht, Director of the Department of Administration
Christopher Koller, Health Insurance Commissioner
Steven Costantino, Secretary of the Office of Health and Human Services
Brian Daniels, Director of the Governor's Policy Office

RI Healthcare Reform Full Commission

Adamova, Valentina, Rhode Island Health Department
Almon, Theodore, Claflin
Asen, Peter, RI House of Representatives
Avedisian, Scott, Mayor Of Warwick
Babcock, George
Barrett, Ashley, Women & Infants - Department of Philanthropy
Beckwith, Jill, Rhode Island Kids Count
Belcher, Kenneth, Roger Williams Medical Center
Benoit, Robin
Bentkover, Judith, Brown University
Berger, Blythe, Rhode Island Department of Health
Bilotta, Joanne, HW Institute
Black, Amy, HealthRIght
Block, Paul, Psych Centers
Bonin, Tim, RI Optometric Association
Bonin, Jeane, Thundermist
Borah, James, RI Business Health Advisory Council
Borkan, Jeffrey, Brown Department of Family Medicine
Bridges, Carrie, Rhode Island Department of Health
Brock, Katherine, Ocean State Action
Brooks, Rick, UNAP
Buckley, Dawn, South County Internal Medicine CSI- RI
Burke Bryant, Elizabeth, Rhode Island Kids Count
Burke, Virginia, Esq., RI Health Care Association
Butler, Cindy, Butler & Associates Human Resources Consulting
Casey, Deanna, AARP
Charbonneau, Albert
Conley, Norma
Connell, Kathleen, AARP
Costantino, Steven, Secretary of the Office of Health and Human Services
Converse, Mark
Cooper, Patrice, United Healthcare
Cote, Christopher R., Mercer
Cranston, Cathy, Rhode Island Partnership Home Care
Croke, Alison, Department of Human Services
Damon, Linda, Butler Hospital
Daniels, Connie
Daniels, Brian, Office of Governor Lincoln Chafee
Deion, Mark S., Deion Associates
Delmonico, Domenic, Care New England
Delude, Howard, Lifespan
DePalo, Vera, RI Medical Society
Detoy, Steve, RI Medical Society
Dipippo, Jean, Rhodes Independence
Dolbec, Joyce, Health Consultant, YWCA of Northern RI
Dwyer, Thomas E., RI Interlocal Trust
Earls, Elizabeth, RI Council of Community Mental Health Organizations
Espat, N. Joseph, MD, Chief of Surgical Oncology, Roger Williams Medical Center
Evans, Craig, Laurelmead Cooperative
Evans, Mary, Rhode Island Health Center Association
Farrell, Stephen J., United Health Care
Faulkner, Deborah, Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner
Ferreira, Diane, Butler Hospital
Flack, Emmanuel, SEIU
Flanagan, Patricia, Lifespan
Florio, Deborah, Department of Human Services
Flynn, William, Senior Agenda
Franchitto, Diana, Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island
Freedman, Linn, Nixon Peabody
Fuller, Deborah, Rhode Island Department of Health
Galinko, Norman, United Health Care
Garvey, Holly, Department of Human Services/ American Cancer Society
Gerhardt, Michael, Health Care Administrator
Gifford, Deidre
Glucksman, Richard, Blue Cross Blue Shield RI
Goldman, Dona, Diabetes Prevention & Control Program, Department of Health
Goldstein, Elaina, URI COP Rhodes to Independence
Gonsalves, Rodney, Epoch Senior Living
Gosselin, Jessica, Arbour-Fuller Hospital
Groden, June, MD, The Groden Center, INC.
Hayward, Jane, Rhode Island Health Center Association
Heleen, Owen, Rhode Island Foundation
Heren, Kathleen N., Alliance for Better Long Term Care
Hiscoe, Ken, Pfrizer, Northeast Region Government and Public Affairs
Hollinshead, Wiliam, MD
Holt, Martha, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island
Jacobsen, Susan, VNSRI
Jacobsen, Rick, Department of Human Services
Jaswell Pace, Jennifer
Javery, Denise, Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation
Jervis, Kathryn
Jones, Charles, Thundermist Health Center
Jordan, Brian
Katz, Linda, The Poverty Institute
Keimig, H. John, Quality Partners of RI
Keller, David, MD, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Kelly, Kathleen, Rhode Island Assisted Living Association
Kinney, Charles, Westerly Hospital
Kislak, Rebecca, RI Healthcare Center Association
Klatzker, Dale, The Providence Center
Koller, Christopher, Office of the Health Commissioner
Kumar, Rajiv, Shape Up RI
Kwiatkowski, Joan, Carelink
Lange, Elizabeth, Rhode Island American Academy of Pediatrics
LaPierre, Amy, Department of Human Services- Medicaid
Leach DeBlasio, Susan, Adler, Pollock & Sheehan
Leasca, Joslin
Leclerc, Richard, Gateway Healthcare
Leddy, Patricia, Department of Health
Lederberg, Michele, Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI
Leonard, Laurie, Rhode Island Health Department
Leslie, Karen, Greater Providence YMCA
Licht, Richard, Department of Administration
Lopes, Leonard, Esq., Pannone, Lopes, Devereaux & West LLC.
Lovett, Kevin, CoenCorp Insurance Group
Lulli, Linda, Bryant University
Lynch, Arianne, Advocacy Solutions LLC
Maigret, Maureen
Mancuso, Eva, HWAC
Manocchia, MD, Gus, Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI
Marootian, Bethann, New England Health Plan of Rhode Island
Martiesian, Jason, United Healthcare
Martiesian, Terrance, Martiesian & Associates
Martish, Rebecca, Carelink
Mauro, Ellen, Department of Human Services
McGoldrick, Linda
McLaughlin, Marguerite, Rhode Island Quality Improvement Organization
Mellor, Emily, Ocean State Action
Mendez, Yvette, RI Foundation
Meyers, Julie, MD, Tri River Family Health Center
Miller, Katherine, Rhode Island Department of Health
Montanaro, Maria, Thundermist Health Center
Montaquilla, Stephen, RI Optometric Association
Mor, Vincent, MD, Brown University
Morales, Deborah , Rhode Island Quality Improvement Organization
Moren, Katheen, RI Breastfeeding Coalition
Moss, Meryl, Coastal Medical
Mota, Teresa, Quality Partners
Nelson, Lisa R., Cox
Neronha, Monica, Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI
Nicolella, Elena, Department of Human Services- Medicaid
Noden, Christina, Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island
Nokes, Don, Net Cenergy
Novais, Ana, Department of Health
Nyberg, James, Leading Age Rhode Island
O'Connor, Craig , Neighborhood Health Plan RI
O'Toole, Thomas, MD, Veterans Affairs
Ohnmacht, Richard, Private Practice
Oliveira, Kris, Klovir Risk Consulting
Olsen, Steve, RI Builders Association
Panichas Milas, Joan, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists
Papoojian, Phillip, Mereco
Pariseau, Ken, Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island
Parrillo, Mary , CCRI
Paterno, Stacy, Lifespan
Patry, Gail, Quality Partners of RI
Paynter, Gillian, Brown University
Perry, Beverly J., United Health Care
Plitt, Arthur, Neighborhood Alliance of Pawtucket
Policastro, Donna, Rhode State Nurses Association
Pothin, John, Hasbro
Puerini, Al, MD, RI Primary Care Physicians Corporation
Purcell, James, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island
Quattromani, Peter, United Cerebral Palsy of RI
Quinlan, Edward, Hospital Association of Rhode Island
Quinn, Pat, Service Employees International Union
Rader, Anya, Arrowhead Health Analytics
Rawlings, Julie , Lifespan Community Health Services
Reynolds, Mark, Neighborhood Health Plan of RI
Rickman, Raymond, Rickman Group
Riola, James, Mass Mutual
Roberts, Susan, American Cancer Society
Roberts, Elizabeth, State of Rhode Island
Rodrigues, Christopher, Rhode Island Health Center Association
Rodriguez, Susan, Esq., Department of Administration
Roosevelt, James, Tufts Health Plan
Rosenberg, Marti, Providence Plan
Rosenthal, Amy, Community Catalyst
Ross, Patrick, Tufts Health Plan
Ross, Sandy, Worksite Wellness Council
Rowley, Tyler, Advocacy Solutions LLC
Rulin, Renee, MD, United Health Care
Saccoccia-Olson, Susan, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island
Salerno, Jillian, Community College of Rhode Island
Savoie, Thomas, VP Carpenters Local 94
Sekeres, Bonnie, Shalom Housing
Shanley, Kathryn, Delta Dental of RI
Sherwin, Angela, Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner
Siedlecki, Diane, MD, Anchor Medical Associates
Smith, Robin, Community College of Rhode Island
Souza, Michael, Hospital Association of Rhode Island
Stokes, Keith, Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation
Sullivan, Kate, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island
Sullivan, Jody, Newport Chamber
Swallow, Jeff
Sweet, Susan
Syata, Craig, Hospital Association of Rhode Island
Szylin, Michelle, Department of Human Services
Thomas, Melinda, Department of Health
Titelbaum, Mark , Ocean State Job Lot
Townsend, Tara, RIPIN
Tsiongas, K. Nicolas, MD, Health Right
Tucker, Megan, American Heart Association
Tung, Glenn, Alpert Medical School
Verma, Tilak, MD
Vessella, Anne, Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island
Vittoria, Michael, Spearian Protection
Walsh, Marietta
Ward, Linda, Opportunities Unlimited
Wardyga, Dawn, Family Voices/ Rhode Island Parent Information Network
Weisman, Vivian, Mental Health Association of Rhode Island
Wetle, Terrie, Brown University
Wing, Edward, MD, Brown University
Wood, Joanna, Gateway Professional Group
Yolen, Susan, Planned Parenthood of Southern New England
Zaller, Nicholas, Miriam Hospital
Zubiago, Stephen, Esq., Nixon Peabody