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Long Term Care Coordinating Council

The Long Term Care Coordinating Council was formed under RI General Law 23-17. to ensure the highest degree of quality and accessibility in caring for our elderly and disabled citizens, and in aiding the families and loved ones who support them in their daily lives.

"Long term care” refers to sustained care for a condition that requires that one receive assistance in performing daily tasks over an extended period of time. In particular, the elderly and handicapped often require such care in various settings including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, shared living arrangements and in their own homes. Long term care is distinguished from acute care, as well as from care for those with chronic illnesses that do not require daily assistance. By law, the council focuses solely on issues of long term care.

The LTCCC is not an independent agency, but rather brings the directors of the state’s health agencies, concerned citizens, key legislators, medical professionals, and health care providers to the table to work together in addressing the unique challenges of long term care policy. Since high-quality long term care requires cooperation between health agencies, the families of those in need of care, and care providers, the Council provides a setting in which they can coordinate their efforts, and work together to explore new solutions to making care effective and affordable.

The issues which the Council considers include:

  • Standards and quality performance
  • Personnel issues including training standards, recruitment, and staffing needs
  • Enforcement of regulations
  • Patient and client rights, and
  • Eligibility and access issues