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Healthy Rhode Island Reform Act of 2008

The Healthy Rhode Island Reform Act of 2008 will transform the health care system in our state by putting in place a strong new structure for ensuring that all Rhode Islanders will have access to high quality health care at a price they can afford.

This package will immediately start moving to insure over 10% of the uninsured with no new state expenditures, and will establish a serious process for cutting costs and increasing value in our health care system. The legislative package creates a strong and sustainable structure that will make it possible to bring every uninsured Rhode Islander into this new system as money becomes available from the savings accrued through the transformation of the health care system, as well as from other sources. Because the plan focuses on BOTH expanding coverage AND containing costs while increasing value it transforms health care for all of us, not just those who are now uninsured.

At its most basic, this legislation is about increasing health care value and access for ALL Rhode Islanders, with the overall result being a transformation of our ailing system into a healthy one.

Information on Legislation

Legislative Executive Summary
Legislative Summary At A Glance

  • Part I - Healthy RI Strategic Plan and Chronic Care Management Plan - H-7352 S-2484
  • Part II - Cutting edge innovations integrated into publicly purchased insurance - H-7445 S-2809
  • Part III - Quality and Value "all-payer" Database - H-7465 S-2481
  • Part IV - HealthHubRI H-7910 S-2472
  • Part V - Individual mandate and Employer "pay or play" S-2686
  • Part VI - Expand coverage to 25 year for dependent children - H-7399 S-2684
  • Part VII - Regional Health Insurance Market - H-7493 SubA S-2286 SubA
  • Part VIII - Joint Legislative Task Force - H-7466 S-2222

Mission: Healthy RI Community Meetings

During April and May of 2008, Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts hosted sixteen community meetings all across the state to share the details of the Healthy Rhode Island Reform Act of 2008. Hundreds of Rhode Islanders attended the meetings, learning about the legislation and how to express their voices to the General Assembly to stress the importance of passing real health care reform immediately.

Count Me In!

LG RobertsI know that doing nothing about health care risks the lives and the livelihoods of Rhode Islanders with every day we do not act.

We have watched the Massachusetts experiment closely to see where it would take them. Now the time has come for us to set our own course and insist on a comprehensive Rhode Island Health Care Reform Plan.

My pledge to is that starting in the 2008 legislative session and continuing until every person in our state is covered, I will pursue an agenda to ensure all Rhode Islanders have access to the highest quality health care at a cost they can afford.

If it means abandoning past practices and doing things differently. If it means setting a bold, aggressive, proactive agenda. If it means reaching a little further, trying a little harder, doing what no one in politics has ever done before, then I say count me in!

Together we can cover every Rhode Islander and I ask you to join me in that effort.


For upcoming information, sign up for my newsletter by sending an e-mail to newsletter [at] ltgov.state.ri.us.

Click here for a copy of the October 16 Speech.

Mission: Healthy RI Advisory Work Group

Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts launched Mission: Healthy RI, an advisory work group of representatives from the medical community, the insurance industry, hospitals, business owners, labor leaders, consumers, and other stakeholders. The group will work with Roberts as she moves the state toward a plan to ensure that all Rhode Islanders have access to the highest quality health care at a cost they can afford. Roberts plans to introduce a package of health care reform legislation during the 2008 session. The Mission: Healthy RI advisory work group meets at the Business Innovation Factory located at the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation's headquarters on Valley Street.

Mission: Healthy Rhode Island is open to the public. All sessions will be on Friday morning and will start promptly at 7:30 a.m. and end by 9:00 a.m. Below is a list of scheduled meetings. Click on a meeting date for more information.